Serving both academics, professionals and students globally this international forum allows the sharing of ideas, knowledge and research results among them all. Journal of Computer Science addresses all areas of computer science, from software engineering and artificial intelligence through computer networks, distributed systems, database systems, computer graphics and vision processing, information retrieval retrieval security computational geometry computer-aided design as well as topics in information technology such as natural language processing web technologies e-commerce digital libraries multimedia and image processing as well as multidimensional processing techniques such as bioinformatics computer aided manufacturing computer-aided engineering as well as cross-disciplinary topics like bioinformatics computer aided manufacturing computer engineering among many more areas.

1. Does online publishing provide authors with printable versions of their articles after online publication?

Yes How this works depends entirely upon the journal and publisher, some offer authors printed copies while others don’t,  to learn their individual policy it is wise to contact each. 

2. Can I be a part of the Reviewers Committee?

Yes. For consideration by the Reviewers Committee, fill out and submit the Reviewers Registration Form. Once this form has been submitted, allow 10-14 days for its processing before returning it

3. What is the process for joining the Editorial Board?

 Simply write us and send over a full CV; once received by our team we’ll review and get back in contact soon afterwards if there are any changes necessary based on this review process.

4. Can I have an extension for submitting my paper?

Yes, an extension for paper submission can be requested depending on the journal or publisher policy. In general, such extensions usually range between 15-30 days.

5. How can I obtain a Copyrights Transfer Form?

If your paper has been selected, download and complete a Copyright Transfer form from our Downloads page by following the link found on the Menu.

6. How frequently is the publication released?

Our publication is released monthly with twelve issues per year.


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